"FUN SIZE" was a fundraiser consisting of generously donated postcard-sized works by artists from across the country, and world. We received a grand total of 144 pieces from amateur, emerging and established artists from 10 different countries.

100% of proceeds helped youth from Our Saviour | New York attend the National LCMS Youth Gathering in New Orleans, LA. Each exhibited piece physically traveled through the mail. Many cards were anonymous, and some artists created a custom series for inclusion in the show. The best in show picks were chosen by our favorite explorer and kind heart, Erin Johnson. During the opening reception, we quickly exceeded our goal. We want to thank everyone who participated in FUN SIZE.

We can confirm that a postcard-sized exhibition will become a bi-annual event for treat gallery.

The photographs from the opening reception are taken by Alex Krauss. See more of his work here: http://www.alexkrauss.com/ and follow him on social media at: @krauss_photo. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone to attended the opening.