treat gallery new york

art helps us
help others
in need.



We like treats. Desserts are the last impression a restaurant can have on their diner. They can be the most memorable part of a meal - they're a work of art in themselves - often colorful, beautiful and baked to perfection. No one needs dessert to survive, but that doesn't stop us from looking forward to enjoying our next one. We congratulate others with sweets. We celebrate life's accomplishments and milestones with cake. We even grieve with ice cream.

treat gallery launched in 2016. We're an online gallery aiming to help emerging artists, businesses and individuals that could use a treat. We offer scholarships, artist counseling, and have 2-3 pop-up exhibitions a year. With every pop-up show, we donate 25%-100% of proceeds to a various cause or non-profit. treat yourself, treat others.