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In the 2018 calendar year, our #treatamericaproject set out with a shared goal of literally treating America. We selected one applicant per state to takeover our "treat america project" instagram handle for an entire week, during 2018. The takeover project was in the alphabetical order of the states.

Each user posted a daily image on treat gallery's "@treatamericaproject" handle, which resulted in multiple exhibitions in 2019. During the exhibition, sales of each photograph will benefit the state affiliated non-profit or charity selected by the user.

Each image will be on sale, in a limited edition of 5, for $60 each, with the split of:
$25 to artist, $25 to charity selected by the artist, $10 to treat gallery.

The #treatamericaproject was juried by Jon Feinstein of Humble Arts Foundation, and Jamie Martinez of ArteFuse and The Border. Two exhibitions and one art fair are currently scheduled:

January 9th - January 13th
Foley Gallery, 59 Orchard Street NYC
opening reception January 9th at 6pm.

February 8th - February 17th
OSNY Project Space, 417 W. 57th Street NYC
opening reception February 8th at 7pm.

March 13th - March 17th
Satellite Art Show, SXSW
The Museum of Human Acheivement
3600 Lyons Road, Austin, TX 78702


ALABAMA: Daniel DeVaughn | @dandevaughn
ALASKA: Mary Lortscher | @mloartwar
ARIZONA: Holly Hart | @thehollyhart
ARKANSAS: Olivia Barnes | @ofran
CALIFORNIA: Ingrid Wells | @ingridvwells
COLORADO: Paul Sisson | @paulsissonphoto
CONNECTICUT: Shauna Lee Lange | @ctartevents
DELAWARE: Rachel Briggs | @rachelbriggsart
FLORIDA: Denise Burridge | @deniseburridge
GEORGIA: Jym Davis | @jymdavis
HAWAII: Stephanie Betsill | @stephaniebetsillphotography
IDAHO: Jennifer Anderson | @jenjen.anderson
ILLINOIS: Connor Fenwick | @connfenwick
INDIANA: Tiffany Hite | @tiffyrae89
IOWA: Mitchell Volk | @mitchvolk
KANSAS: Epiphany Knedler | @epiphanysk
KENTUCKY: Natalie Christensen | @natalie_santafe
LOUISIANA: Artemis Antippas | @artemisartemisartemis
MAINE: Justin Levesque | @onedynamicsystem
MARYLAND: Nat Raum | @natraum
MASSACHUSETTS: Michael Cardinali | @mikecardinali
MICHIGAN: Alana Savard | @sea_pore
MINNESOTA: Chris Tollefson | @chrisjtollefson
MISSISSIPPI: Hayden Hester | @haydenhesterphoto
MISSOURI: Matt Boness | @mattybees
MONTANA: Megan Hansen | @meganh.6
NEBRASKA: Bubblegum & Whiskey | @bubblegumandwhiskey
NEVADA: Lisa Toto | @totofoto3333
NEW HAMPSHIRE: Jay Flynn | @jasflynn
NEW JERSEY: Michael DiFeo | @michaeldifeo
NEW MEXICO: Kevin Bond | @kbondphotography
NEW YORK: Sofia Echa | @sofiaecha
NORTH CAROLINA: Jordan Davis | @jor.dav
NORTH DAKOTA: Brenton Little | @brenton_clarke
OHIO: John Walz | @walzjohn
OKLAHOMA: Roni K. Jackson | @oklahomaexplorer
OREGON: Lauren Sharpton | @laurenodellushersharpton
PENNSYLVANIA: Paige Durborow | @heyjinx86
RHODE ISLAND: Bethany McNaught | @emmis.images
SOUTH CAROLINA: Daniel Roa | @danielroaart
SOUTH DAKOTA: Marci Smith | @marcismithstudio
TENNESSEE: Kayla Caron | @kayla.corazon
TEXAS: Liss LaFleur | @lisslafleur
UTAH: Jaysen Allred | @jaysen.diane
VERMONT: Tara Wray | @tarawray
VIRGINIA: Carter Thornton | @carterthornton
WASHINGTON: Alexander Keyes | @alexanderkeyes
WEST VIRGINIA: Courtney Smith | @courtneysmith3
WISCONSIN: Sherri Littlefield | @nienass
WYOMING: Madison Rich | @madisonrichphotography

Retro Future was our anniversary exhibition, celebration and party.

Retro-Futurism was an optimistic vision of the future (think robots, flying vehicles!) portrayed in various films, fashion and publications from the 1920’s through the 1960’s.

Artists exhibiting: Allison DeBritz, Ashley Hess, Ashley Comer, Haley Varacallo, Chris Trice, Bubblegum & Whiskey, Juan E. Olvera, Mike Depue and Meredith Moore 30% of sales proceeds were donated directly to Project Semicolon.

Exhibition juried by Jess Ranostaj.

Treat Gallery had an exciting collaboration with Court Tree Collective in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

The second annual show, juried by Rebecca Rose and Damien Armondo Vera featured art by: Brittany Schmid, Kristin Kempa, Artemis Antippas, Bubblegum & Whiskey, Anthony Papini, Mark Liam Smith, Chloe Feldman Emison, Lorryn Moore, Jonathan Sims, Dana Robinson, Kurt Salinas, Laura Rounds Zeren Badar & Txelo.

Taste Makers II opened Friday, September 9th at 7:00pm and will run through Sunday, October 9th, 2016.

During the opening reception, drinks were provided courtesy of Sixpoint beer, with an auction of Doc's Spirits is now Doc Herson's Natural Spirits Red Absinthe. Food was catered by Viet Comfort and Kar Yee Noodle Shop.

With every pop-up exhibition, Treat Gallery donates 25% or more to a various cause or non-profit. For Taste Makers II, 25% of proceeds were donated to the New York City division of No Kid Hungry. No Kid Hungry is a campaign of national anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength.

We brought eye candy to Brooklyn with our "SWEET SPOT" pop-up exhibition on Friday, July 1st.

Work was selected by jurors Luca Dupras, Seth Boggs and Mike Martin. Exhibitors included: Allison DeBritz, Laura Miner, Bryan Northup, Anthony Papini, Kristin Kempa, Lorryn Moore, Wren Caroline Gardiner, Michelle Eccles, Dane Stahr, John Murray, Emily Duong, Brittany Schmid, Bubblegum & Whiskey and Joshua Newth.

Artists were asked to respond to the question: What’s your SWEET SPOT? Cats on YouTube, Netflix and Chill, Payday, Weekends? Personally, we like treats. Desserts are a last impression, and can be the most memorable part of a meal- they're a work of art in themselves: colorful, beautiful and baked to perfection. No one needs dessert to survive, but that doesn't stop us from looking forward to enjoying our next one. We congratulate others with sweets. We celebrate life's accomplishments and milestones with cake. We even grieve with ice cream. What do you fancy? What gets you through?

30% of proceeds from the event were donated to the online anti-bullying non-profit "End To Cyber Bullying" (find out more about them at: "SWEET SPOT" had its first Brooklyn pop-up exhibition at Court Tree Collective, and images from the event were captured by Alex Krauss. (See more of Alex's work at

"FUN SIZE" was a fundraiser consisting of generously donated postcard-sized works by artists from across the country, and world. We received a grand total of 144 pieces from amateur, emerging and established artists from 10 different countries.

100% of proceeds helped youth from Our Saviour | New York attend the National LCMS Youth Gathering in New Orleans, LA. Each exhibited piece physically traveled through the mail. Many cards were anonymous, and some artists created a custom series for inclusion in the show. The best in show picks were chosen by our favorite explorer and kind heart, Erin Johnson. During the opening reception, we quickly exceeded our goal. We want to thank everyone who participated in FUN SIZE.

We can confirm that a postcard-sized exhibition will become a bi-annual event for treat gallery.

The photographs from the opening reception are taken by Alex Krauss. See more of his work here: and follow him on social media at: @krauss_photo. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone to attended the opening.

treat gallery had it's inaugural show: #NAILEDIT!” on Thursday, March 24th at OSNY Midtown.

The exhibition features work from artists working in administrative or technical positions in higher education. Often underrated, forgotten and left out, techs and administrative assistants can be the driving force behind a student’s success. While adjunct pools expand and tenure becomes extinct, technician jobs increase for overqualified MFA-holding candidates. Out of 42 applicants, the jurors selected 10 artists whose work demonstrated great concept, precise craftsmanship and originality. Exhibiting artists included: Jeremy Jones, Gabriella Sturchio, Michael Benevenia, Alisha McFadzen, Jen DePlour, Michael A Collins, Kira Kikla, Eric Cagley, Page Burch and artcloud's best in show seection: Sarah McFalls.

During the opening reception, we #NAILEDIT by creating a special cocktail using Purity Vodka (the only 100 point rated Vodka out there!) and a mouth-watering variety of beer from Sixpoint. The photographs from the opening reception are taken by Alex Krauss. See more of his work here: and follow him on social media at: @krauss_photo. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone to attended the opening. We'll see you at our next pop-up! Jess Ranostaj, Christy O'Shoney and Sherri Littlefield