treat gallery new york

Get creative! Let's do good together!

pexels-photo-576769.jpeg exactly does this all work?


Actually, you don't have to. Just checkout this image. Just like regular contemporary art galleries, we honor the 50% commission to artists. We offer shipment stipends, waived application fees for repeat applicants and discounted options for current students. 

Low overhead - a shared, manageable passion project that others get into.



how do you choose themes and who to donate to?

Sometimes the theme comes first, sometimes the charity comes first - the order doesn't matter, because we make it a point to collaborate on each project and exhibition with outside jurors and artists. 

how can i get involed?

You're always welcome to e-mail us at info (at) You can volunteer or fill out the form in the contact section, too. We are always looking for ideas, jurors, and charities in need.