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Let's work together. Are you from a charity of non-profit that would like to work with us? Are you an artist with questions?

Would you like to recommend a particularly delicious dessert?

Drop us a line.

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Ashley, Sherri and Jana during Satellite Art Show, 2019

Ashley, Sherri and Jana during Satellite Art Show, 2019

lets be friends.



how can we help?

We're here to answer your questions via e-mail or pour you a drink at our openings.

(image: Jordan and Sherri during our first show -  #NAILEDIT, 2016)


art should be fun.

and we aren’t snobby. We're a team of creatives (not necessarily artists!) aiming to make the world a better place through art, grants and good conversation. (Photos: Christy and Sherri pourin' a drink at Fun Size, Andrew and Jared chatting at Retro Future, Daniel hopefully biting into a real doughnut and Sherri and juror Nicole during Sweet Spot.)



We're having a good time!

When you work with treat gallery, you're working with toward a shared goal of making the world a better place.

(image: Sherri and Jess during Retro Future, 2017)